Introducing Zion Lee Price

Born July 9, 2010 @ 9:40 pm
6 pounds 2 ounces & 19.5 perfect little inches

Thursday night my contractions started getting even more painful.  I told Zac I couldn't go to work Friday morning because I had a feeling we would be having little Zion and that I needed to get some rest.  I tried to sleep as much as I could but I was in pain.  I woke up and decided to get everything ready, just in case.  I scrubed the house top to bottom.  Did all of the laundry, sheets, bath mats, rugs, everything!  Showered got ready and put the last couple things in my hospital bag.  When Zac got home at noon we tried to take a nap for a little while, but I was in so much pain.  I was trying to breath through the contractions, but they were worse then they had ever been.  We got in the car and started driving toward the hospital.  I told Zac that if I got sent home again, I was going to have them give me some morphine and sleep the week away until they could induce me on the 16th.  We decided to stop at my OB's office and have them see if I had dilated any more so I didn't have to face the heartbreak of being monitored for an hour and then sent home if I didn't progress.  The doctor felt one of my contractions and said these are labor contractions.  She checked my cervix and I was dilated to a 5 so she called the hospital and told them I was on my way.  We got to the hospital at 4:40 pm and they had all of my paperwork pulled so we were able to bypass registrations and head straight to the room.  I was still afraid they were going to send me home.  When we got back to the room they immediately hooked me up to IV fluids, and I asked the nurse if it was for real this time or if they were going to send me home.  She reassured me that I wasn't leaving the hospital without my baby!  We called our families and my mom, dad, Cyd, Gary and Leesa all came up.  We let them come in the room and talk with us while I labored and ended up leting them stay in the room for the whole delivery.  Of course we made our dad's look out the window during the time I was exposed.  We spent the next 2 hours watching the nurse get the room set up and doing the paperwork.  At 6:40 pm the doctor came in and broke my water and I was given an epidural and I was completely pain free.  It was fun having my family in the room.  We just chatted and joked around and had a good time.  A little after 7:00 pm they started me on pitocin... still no pain.  A little after 8:00 pm the nurse came in and check me and I was only dilated to a 6.  I felt discouraged that I had only dilated 1 cm in the last couple hours.  A little after 9:00 pm I started feeling pain in the left side of my back and belly.  I told everyone I didn't think the epidural was working anymore.  The baby's heart rate which had been super steady through all the contractions, started dropping just a little bit and my mom said I was probably ready to deliver.  I didn't believer her because it had only been an hour since they last checked me.  They came in and gave me another dose of the epidural and 5 seconds later the nurse checked me and said I was dilated 10 cm and the baby was at a +2 station and it was time to call the doctor back in and start pushing.  I couldn't believe it.  I started pushing and about 30 minutes later, at exactly 9:40 pm after 5 hours of labor in the hospital, I heard the most amazing sound in the world.  Baby Zion was crying before his shoulders were even out.  When the doctor held him up for me to see I couldn't believe how beautiful he was, and how much hair he had.  We thought for sure he would be bald just like me and Zac were.  He turned pink so fast and didn't need any oxygen.  After all of the stress we've had the last couple months over the preterm labor, I am so thankful that Zion made it exactly 38 weeks and is perfectly healthy.  I feel so blessed to be his mommy.  He is the most amazing little guy.  I can already tell he is going to do great things with his life.  I love him so much.

Just got to the hospital
Just starting the pitocin after they broke my water and gave me an epidural
The nurse just told us it's time to start pushing
The look on Zac's face as Zion's being delivered
The look on my face right after Zion was born
Zion Lee Price
6 pounds 2 ounces & 19.5 inches long
More in love than ever before
Done being checked by the nurse and trying to get warm

First time holding our baby
Proud Daddy and Zion
Amazed at how much we love this little guy
We can't take our eyes off him
Gary, Mom, Dad, Zion, Zac & Cyd
First time nursing
1 day old getting loves from Daddy
1 day old getting loves from Mommy
Happiest family in the world!  We love you Zion!



We made it to the goal of 36 or 37 weeks and now I am ready to be done being pregnant!  Over the past couple weeks I've had several episodes of crazy intense painful contractions every 3-4 minutes that last for 10 hours or so, and then they all of a sudden slow down to every 5-7 minutes and become pretty mild.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I was having them regularly every 4 minutes all morning long.  I went to the doctor for my normal weekly visit and was dilated 4 cm.  The doctor decided to strip my membranes and said if the contractions pick up within the hour to head over to Labor & Delivery.  About an hour later we were at the hospital.  I was in so much pain and felt like I was having 1 giant contraction that never let up.  They put me on the monitor and sure enough my contractions were about 2 minutes apart and lasting almost the full 2 minutes.  Sometimes I would get a 15 second break in between.  1 hour later I was still in so much pain and contracting like crazy, but my cervix hadn't changed- SO THEY SENT ME HOME!  Seriously, who gets sent home at that point?  I guess it's standard procedure because I'm not 39 weeks yet (actually I'm not even 38 weeks until tomorrow) so they can't break my water, or give me pitocin, or do anything else to help things progress.  They told me to go home, walk a lot, have sex, and come back later, and if I was at a 5, they would admit me, give me an epidural and get things going.  Unfortunately I was in so much pain and so exhausted from the long day and not sleeping a drop the night before, that I was only able to squeeze out a couple little walks before physically and emotionally I just couldn't do it and decided to just go to bed.  Now, it's 6 am, the contractions have completely slowed, and I'm a mess!  I'm thinking at this point my best option is to figure out a way to break my own water.  Then they can't send me home!  Either that or I have to wait 8 more days, until next Friday when I'm officially 39 weeks, and they can give me a little bit of pit or break my water to help labor progress beyond this point.  Any ideas??