Christmas was so much fun this year! The celebration started with all of the extended Houtz family at the cabin on Christmas Eve day. We ate way too much, acted out the nativity, exchanged gifts, showed off our homemade ornaments, and had fun visiting with all the family for a few hours. Here's our little family with Granny Houtz.

And here we are with Grampa Houtz and Zion's ornament. It was a cute little footprint reindeer, but Zion ripped the antlers off.

Then we went over to Gary and Leesa's to spend the evening with all of the Price/Ewell clan and my family came, too. We all just relaxed and enjoyed the evening. I think the ping pong tournament was the highlight of the evening.

Christmas morning we woke up at our house for the first time in a few years and it was so nice being home! Zion was so excited when we went downstairs and he saw his new play kitchen.

He loved his table, chairs and dishes, too.

We wrapped all of his other presents, but he was so distracted with his kitchen stuff that we couldn't get him to open a single present. We tried, but he wasn't really interested. At least we know he loved his kitchen.

After we opened gifts and had breakfast, Gary and Leesa and my parents each stopped in to see Zion's presents and bring him a few more to add to his pile. Zion loved the drum set my parents got him!

Here is a picture of his entire load....

Spoiled much? Zac and I got spoiled, too. We each got a few new outfits, new watches, a couple pairs of shoes, a bigger TV for the family room and my parents got us this little beauty.....

We spent most of the day at home and then we had a nice prime rib dinner at my parent's house. This Christmas was by far our best yet! I feel so blessed to have all of our family living so close to us. We really enjoyed the holiday with all of them!

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