st george

Last weekend Brett and Juliann invited us on a last minute trip to St George. They rented a gorgeous condo on the Sleepy Hollow golf course. We had so much fun hanging out, reading and relaxing. It was rainy all weekend, but we didn't mind at all. We were just happy to be spending time with such great friends. Zion loves playing with their little girl Mae. They are almost exactly 2 years apart and have so much fun together. It was fun being around baby Henry, too. He wasn't even 2 weeks old while we were there, but did so well! I honestly did not hear him cry a single time. He is such a good baby. And Juliann is a rock star for going on a trip so soon after having a baby. I don't think I even left the house the first 2 weeks Zion was born, let alone travel 4 hours away for a vacation with friends. She is amazing to me! Thanks for such a fun weekend Munson family! We are going to miss you guys so much while you are gone for the summer. (Brett manages an office doing security sales so they are moving to Louisiana for the summer.) I'm already counting down the days until you're back and we can plan some more fun trips!
Sadly, I didn't take a single picture while we were there but I did get a picture if our goofy traveler on the way home. Kids are so flexible. I can't believe he was comfortable sitting like that.

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Easter... It started with Zion's first egg hunt (he was too little last year) at my granny Houtz's house with all of my family. Zion totally dug the egg hunting!

And he loved eating the candy and then relaxing into a sugar coma with his daddy.

Other highlights of the day were playing in and drinking out of the bird bath. Sick!

And playing basketball, blowing bubbles and playing on the swing set.

Easter Sunday started at our house with another egg hunt, seeing what the Easter bunny brought, and even more candy! (Zion got his first sunburn of the year at granny's party. Look at his poor little arms in the picture below. I didn't realize it was that hot. Needless to say, the sunscreen is packed in his bag so we won't forget it next time.)

Then we went to grandma and grandpa Price's house for another egg hunt. Zion was exhausted. The party didn't start until 1:00 which is usually when he goes down for his nap, and being in the sun all day long the day before without a full nap really got to him. As you can see... He wasn't really a happy camper. We managed to get him to find a couple eggs, and he did have fun playing with squirt guns with his cousins for a while, but he didn't last long.

Kids make everything so much more fun!

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gym time

Me and Zion have been going into the gym quite a bit lately. He loves it there and is so good! Sometimes he stays in the office with me and watches a movie or plays with some of his toys while I get a couple hours of work done, but most of the time he wanders around the gym and entertains our clients while they are being tortured by Zac and the other trainers.
Sometimes he puts little cookies on the weights as motivation...

Sometimes he just eats them...

Sometimes he hides behind the weight racks with his blankies, milk and binky and watches people...

Sometimes he works out...

Actually a lot of the time he works out...

It is so fun watching him run around. He is such a little copycat and will mimic whatever our clients are doing. Pushups, squats, calf raises, ab exercises, etc. whatever they are doing he will try and copy. It's hilarious! I love this little arrangement. I am so grateful that I am able to get out of the house for a couple hours whenever I want and be a little social, feel like I'm still a part of our business, and get stuff done. But I'm even more grateful that I am able to take Zion with me. I think it is so good for him to be around all of our clients. He is so comfortable with people, independent, and brave, and I really think it's because of the time he spends at the gym.
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jazz game

We had the opportunity to go to a Jazz game a few weeks ago. We have some clients, Steve and Karon, that have 4 season tickets and they gave 2 of them to me and Zac and the other 2 to our trainer Matt and his wife Nikki. It happened to be Nikki's birthday and it was so fun to be there celebrating with her. Did I mention that they were 3rd row center court tickets? Yep, they were. They are in the 100 club so before the game we got to go to the VIP dinner and eat delicious food. Karon said we could only have the tickets if we promised to eat dessert. Ummm.... HELLO! Have you ever met me? For some crazy reason people think that because we own a gym we are ginormous health nuts that never eat anything bad. But like Zac always says, "You gotta clean house for the party!" We believe in exercising and eating healthy most of the time, so that when we want to indulge we can and we don't feel bad about it. So Karon, this is for you...

The game was awesome! It went into overtime and the Jazz pulled off a win. It was so fun being so close. Steve and Karon took us to a game a couple years ago, and I thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I could never justify spending that kind of money on tickets to a basketball game, so I am very grateful they gave them to us again. Thanks Steve & Karon! We really appreciate your generosity! You guys are the best!

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park days

We go to the park. A lot. Pretty much every day. Well, every day that it is warm enough. Which lately, has ended up being a lot. So.... Park picture overload is about to happen.
Zion loves the little playground in our neighborhood...

And the slide at the park by my parent's house is his favorite...

He also likes to swing at that park, especially if his aunt Cyd is in town and there to push him, because she let's him go higher than mommy and daddy....

But I think the Spanish Fork North Park takes the cake. There are just so many things do do there...

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feeding ducks

We took Zion to feed the ducks a couple weeks ago. It was a massive failure. It started out fine...

But it only took him about 2 minutes to decide it would be more fun to swim with the ducks than feed them. We spent the rest of the time trying to keep him out of the water and ended up just taking our ticked off little toddler home. I don't think we will try that again for a while.

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visiting cyd & zion's national park

In February we decided to go on a little road trip down to Cedar City to see aunt Cyd and head into Zion's National Park to do some hiking. Heather came with us but she didn't want to hike so she stayed in Cedar and hung out with Cyd's friends while we went into the park for the day. I absolutely love Zion's! It is my favorite place. It is so gorgeous and peaceful and has the coolest energy about it. Plus, it's where me and Zac were at when we decided to get married and where our little boy's name comes from. We have been hiking and biking in Zion's sooooo many times but this time was the best, by far, because it was the first time we took our little Zion with us. We had so much fun! The first hike we did was called Weeping Rock. It's only about a half mile but it is really steep. Zion hiked the whole thing on his own!

He tried to jump off the trail a couple times but aunt Cyd has ninja like reflexes and saved him from the huge cliff he would have tumbled down.

At the top of Weeping rock

Zion loved finding rocks with Cyd

On our way back down

It was so funny to watch Zion figure out how to keep his balance hiking up and down such a steep hill. I was so proud of him for doing it all on his own. A half mile hike is quite a distance for a 1.5 year old. After we finished that little hike we went on to Emerald Pools. Zion was getting tired so we put him in the pack for that hike and he was out cold pretty dang quick. I'm so happy that he loves his pack and will fall asleep in it so easily. It makes our hiking adventures so much easier. I can hardly wait for summer and all of the hiking we are going to be doing.

PS... I can't believe it was warm enough to be hiking in February!
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