Starting the Nursery

We are getting started on the nursery! This week our crib and changer arrived, and I absolutely love them! Now it's time to shop for bedding and all of the fun accessories and start decorating! I am so excited to get the baby's room put together!


Invisible Baby

Yep that's right.... invisible baby. This past week we've done a little bit of baby shopping. Today I haven't been feeling great, so Zac tried to cheer me up. While I was taking a bath, he put together the stroller, swing, car seat, and play pen and placed an outfit in each one. He walked into the bathroom pushing the stroller and told me our little guy wanted to hang out with me while I took a bath. I couldn't help but laugh at his "invisible baby". It was so cute and needless to say, it did cheer me up. I can't wait for our little guy to get here!


Strong little guy

I'm pretty sure our little guy takes after his dad. I think he's going to pop out and be ready for one arm pushups. I seriously can't believe how active and strong he is already. I started feeling "flutters" around week 14 and by week 17 I felt full blown kicks. When I was 18 weeks and 4 days, Zac got to feel and see him kick for the first time. Now he's constantly moving! The kid never holds still. Lately he's doing flips, and it is so weird to feel and see a wave of movement from one side of my stomach to the other. I absolutely love laying down and watching my belly bounce. It really does make all of the aches and pains worth it.