Lazy morning

I love having lazy mornings at home with my baby.  Waking up and then cuddling on the couch in our jammies and watching cartoons.  The only thing that could make this better is if daddy were home with us.


Isaiah & Sharee's Wedding

02.12.2011- Isaiah & Sharee made a commitment to spending their lives together.  Their wedding was beautiful and everything turned out perfect. They got engaged about 3 weeks ago so their wasn't a lot of time to plan the wedding, but it turned out perfect.  A couple of our clients, Steve & Rhyll Croshaw, were kind enough to let them use their family lodge for the event.  The lodge is amazing so they didn't need to do a whole lot.  It was amazing how everything came together so quickly and so well.  My mom supplied most of the decorations, which were things she purchased for mine and Zac's wedding, and Leesa and her kids did pretty much all of the work from set up to take down.  A lot of people have horror stories about how awful their step-moms and step-siblings are, but that couldn't be further from the truth with Zac's family.  They really are so awesome!  We were really bad at taking pictures so I'll have to post some when I get a chance to steal them from other people.  This is the only family picture we got.
This picture of Zion and my sister Heather has to be one of the cutest ever!  I love his big cheesy grin!  His first tooth broke through today and I'm so sad.  I'm going to miss his gummy smile.  I LOVE IT!
It was a long day for Zion but he was a little trooper.  Zac got home from work at 12 and we went right up to start frosting the 1000 mini cupcakes and 4 gallons of frosting I had made.  We planned on going home after the ceremony and family lunch to give Zion a nap, but it didn't end up working out.  We tried to get him to take a nap but it was to loud and too much action was happening for our curious little monkey.  Finally, around 9 pm Zion was so exhausted he fell asleep while Grandpa Gary was walking him around.  He didn't ever get fussy or anything.  Around 11 pm we had everything cleaned up and were able to get him home to bed.  Needless to say he slept pretty much all day Sunday.  All the action was exhausting for a 7 month old.


Super Bowl Sunday

Zac was so excited to watch the Super Bowl with Zion.  It was a cozy pajama day at our house, so Zac dressed Zion in one of his little football onesies.  He also made him use his "Packers colored bink", and keep a tight hold on his little football during the game.  I loved seeing Zac so excited to be spending "man time" with his little buddy. (Sorry for the terrible picture quality..... they were taken with my phone)
I enjoyed having time to finish making the cupcakes for Isaiah's wedding this Saturday (a total of 1,000 that are now frozen and just need to be thawed and frosted the day of the wedding), cooking yummy bbq chicken and homemade mac & cheese for our splurging "game day food", and making tons of these cute little flowers to go on head bands, little clips and safety pins to add to clothes/ bags/ whatever.

Chill days at home with my two favorite boys are the best!!  Even if we have to have football on.