6 Years Ago

Exactly 6 years ago, May 27th 2005, Zac took me to hike the "Y" for our second date.  It wasn't the best experience because I tried to be tough and failed to mention my asthma and that I was recovering from knee surgery, but he kissed me for the first time so it was worth it.  We've made it a tradition to repeat the hike every year, with the exception of last year because I was super pregnant.  Today was extra special because we were able to take Zion and it was his first hike.  We absolutely love hiking and are ready for summer to really get here so we can spend tons of time outdoors and hike every week!  I'm so thankful for our date six years ago, and the amazing life that has come from it!

Our Gym- Energy Explosion

I just realized... Every now and then I will mention a little this or that about our gym, but I've never actually posted about it.  Weird!  Because it is such a huge part of our lives.  Zac and I started Energy Explosion the summer of 2007.  It's a private personal training studio, so the only people allowed in the gym are those that are working with a trainer.  At any given time we have a maximum of 4 trainers working with 1-3 people each, so the gym really does stay super private.  All of our clients love the privacy and the accountability that they get from working in such an intimate environment.  Besides the two of us we have three other trainers... Isaiah Price, Matt Lovelace and Nicole Ellis.  They are all top notch and the very best in the industry!  And I'm not just saying that to be nice.  Our loyal clientele is proof of how incredible they all are.  The majority of our clients have been coming consistently 1-4 times a week for years.  In fact we still have several of the clients that started training with us when we first started our business out of Zac's dad's garage 4 years ago.  I love what we do and feel so grateful for the opportunity that we have to impact people's lives every single day.  Our bodies are the only vehicle we have to experience all of human life and we are only give one.  I love that we get to educate people on taking better care of their vehicle and living life to the fullest!  Here are a couple pictures of our gym and trainers, except for me, because I had already gone home for the morning when these pictures were taken.
Outside the gym

Zac Price

Isaiah Price

Matt Lovelace

Nicole Ellis

Cheerio Game

Zac & Zion playing the Cheerio game...
I guess the object of the game is to see how many Cheerios can be placed on Zion's head and face before he squirms around and they all fall off.  Zion's face says it all, "Wow, Dad!  You're pathetic!  This is really what you do for fun?  Get a life!"
But every now and then I guess he kind of thinks it's funny.  Boys will be boys. *Sorry Zion has string cheese hanging out of his mouth.  He hasn't learned how to chew with his mouth closed yet.  Kind of gross.

Grandpa Gary & Grandma Leesa

Zion is happy to announce the marriage of his Grandpa Gary and Grandma Leesa!
Yep... they made it official on May 1st.  They had a super laid back BBQ and ceremony at the park by their house in Harvest Park.  Because they both have been married before they wanted to keep it super casual with family and really close friends.  I am so happy that they are married.  Leesa is AMAZING!  We love her so much.  She has done so much for the Price family and we are so grateful to officially call her mom and grandma, even though we have consider her as both from the very beginning.  And we are luck to have a bunch of new siblings and a niece and a few nephews out of the deal, too!  The two families have blended so well and it really is like one big "Brady Bunch Family"... 9 kids, plus 5 spouses and 6 grand kids with a 7th on the way.  We couldn't be happier or more supportive of the two of them.  Love you G & L!