9 Months

Zion turned 9 months old on April 9th (yes I'm now almost a month behind).  I seriously cannot believe how fast he is growing.  He weighs almost 20 lbs now, and is just shy of 29 inches long.  I bought him some new summer clothes from Gap a little bit ago and it broke my heart.... 12-18 months.  They are still pretty big, but summer is still a couple months away.  What made me sad, though, is that I bought them in the "toddler" section and not the baby section.  :(  As sad as I am to see him grow up, I will admit that he gets more fun every single day.  He is all over the place and into everything.  He loves to climb the stairs and wants to be able to walk on his own so bad.  He still sleeps like a gem both at night and during nap time.  He loves to wave and clap and talks all the time.  He is completely over his stranger danger and has become a little flirt.  When we take him out he will spot a girl from a mile away and smile and wave until his arm falls off.  The other day we were in Victoria Secret, I was trying some stuff on and Zac and Zion were waiting outside the dressing rooms.  Zion waved and stopped 6 different girls in the couple minutes I was in the dressing room.  Zac said now he understands why in movies single guys always try to borrow people's kids to pick up on chicks. hahah!  Anyway, here's a little video of Zion just a couple days before he turned 9 months.  Enjoy!


Vegas Vacation

Last week me and Zac had so many clients gone for Spring Break that we decided to take advantage of it and head to Vegas.  We booked the hotel Wednesday and left Thursday.  We stayed at the Trump which was amazing!  The whole thing is non-smoking and they don't have a casino so it's definitely the place to stay if you have kids.  We mostly just shopped, walked around, hung out at the pool and ate yummy food.  Our friends Brett and Jewels were down there for Jewels birthday so we got together with them a few times.  They introduced us to a place called La Creperie in the Paris.... OH MY GOSH!  The crepes were amazing!  Zion's two favorite parts about the trip were looking out the window of the hotel and swimming in the pool.  I cannot believe what a little fish he was.  He would splash and laugh like crazy, and the first 10-15 feet at each end of the pool were only 4 inches deep so he could crawl around and splash all by himself.  Of course we were right there next to him, but I think he felt like such a big kid being able to swim on his own.

Baby Cooper

Zion got a new cousin 2 weeks ago.  Isaiah and Sharee had their baby on April 3rd and it has been so much fun playing with him.  I can't believe how big Zion is next to little Cooper.  Being around a tiny one has made me and Zac so baby hungry!  Here's some of the crowd waiting for the little guy.

All the Price boys

Don't you think Zion needs a little brother/sister?


The Zoo

We took Zion to the Zoo for the first time on April 1st.  He had a blast and we were surprised at how well he was able to pick out the animals.

Park Days

We have loved having a few days of warm weather here and there the past month.  It's been fun to take advantage of the sun and head to the park as often as possible.  Zion loves to swing!