energy explosion

In August our gym, Energy Explosion, celebrated 5 years in business. They say that 80% of small businesses fail within the first year of doing business. Of the 20% that survive, another 80% of them are expected to fail by the time year 5 rolls around. Because of the not so favorable statistics, we were beyond grateful when we made it to this huge milestone for any small business. We have been lucky that the economy hasn't had a negative impact on us and every single month that we have been in business has been at least a little bit better than the month previous. We have been blessed with amazing support from our friends, family, clients and mentors, but most of all, our employees. We have such a great team and I am so thankful for them. Each of our trainers have tons of knowledge in the the health and fitness industry, but it's their ability to connect with people, their compassion, and their understanding of the importance of relationships that really make all of them fabulous. We are so lucky to have a team of people that are aligned with our vision. A team that is able to see the big picture. A team that understands that it's not just about teaching people how to lose weight, but how to encourage people to be their best selves. Thank you Matt, Nicole, Isaiah, Kayla and Chris for being on our team and being a huge part of the reason we have been able to be so successful in our first 5 years of business! I am also hugely grateful for how hard and smart Zac works. He is constantly thinking of new ideas and different ways to make our business better. He is the best business partner anyone could ask for. He works his butt off to make sure everything is running smooth and successful, but he's also great at leaving work at work and being present during family time. I appreciate that when he gets home from work, he's my husband and Zion's daddy, and he puts business in the back of his mind until he's back at the office the next day. I know it's hard to balance everything, so thank you, Zac, for working so hard at it. Thanks for being the number 1 reason Energy Explosion is where it's at today!
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summer pics

I was terrible at documenting our summer, so I'm going to try to cover all of it in one picture overloaded post. But let's be honest, all of my post are kind of that way. I love pictures! We pretty much just played outside all day everyday. Here are a few pics I took of Zion one night while we were out for a walk on the Hobble Creek trail.

Here are some of Zion and his cousin Hudson playing one evening at grandma and grandpa Price's house.

Zion loved helping daddy wash the cars throughout the summer.

Zion also loved playing in the water with his cousins Elle, Talan and Hudson as often as they could, and was so sad when they moved to Las Vegas in July.

Elle had a way fun birthday party before they moved with a huge water slide that Zion loved! He loved playing on the playground with Hudson and getting fed each bite of his lunch, too. Hahah! I love those two little boys together.

We spent a lot of time at different playgrounds. Zac took some really cute pictures of Zion one day when we were at the one in our neighborhood.

We went for a lot of walks on the Hobble Creek Trail. It is so amazingly gorgeous and I love it up there.

Zion had fun playing in his little alligator pool at my parent's house, even at then end of summer when it had a hole and couldn't hold water.

Our other favorite summer activities were the bbq's with friends and family and the Spanish fork splash pad. As much fun as we had this summer, I am glad it's Fall now and we are moving into much cooler temperature's. Being outside in the heat all day every day is exhausting! I have to add a couple more random pictures of Zion out for a walk around our neighborhood one day. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's always in some sort of a parade. He's always dancing around while he walks. Goofy boy.

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abc obsession

I've mentioned it before, but Zion is obsessed with letters. It's kind of funny how he has naturally gravitated toward them. Everywhere we go he looks for letters. On billboards, store signs, license plates, t-shirts, people's house decorations... etc. His favorite things to play with at home all have letters on them. He loves books, his wooden blocks, fridge magnets and the foam letters he plays with in the bathtub, more than any of his other toys. Often times I find him sitting in his tub fully dressed playing with his letters.

He sings the ABC song at least 100 times a day, and will literally spend hours playing with his letters. He loves to organize them. He will match all of the "big" and "baby" letters together, and then he gets upset if one of them is missing. In the picture below he was mad because he couldn't find the "baby u".

When he's playing on our iPhones or iPad, he always chooses the games that are ABC related. When he gets on Netflix, he will sit and scroll thru the shows until he finds anything with letters. Lately he is loving Barney and the Leap Frog learning episodes. He is starting to learn the sounds that the letters make. He will hold up a letter t and say, "The letter T. tah, tah, tah, T!" And then he moves on to another letter doing the same thing. He can now identify several easy words like Zion, mom, dad, cat, dog, frog, cow, duck, etc. Yesterday he shocked me when I asked him where the cat was, and he went and picked out some letters on his blocks and magnets and did this...

All on his own. And then he said, "Mom, there it is. There's the cat!" I was amazed! I feel like reading/memorizing words is one thing, but spelling them out all on his own is entirely different. I was so proud. I am just in awe of this little man. I feel like every single day he does something new to amaze me, and I just love it. I love that I get to be home with him everyday, because he inspires me in so many ways. I am certain that he teaches me more about life than I could ever possibly teach him.

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