newport beach & disneyland- part 1

I cannot believe I haven't blogged about our Newport Beach/ Disneyland trip. It's been almost three months since we went! We left just 3 days after my last miscarriage in June, and it ended up being the most perfect timing. A week long vacation enjoying time with my family is exactly what I needed to help me deal with everything else going on. It helped me re-focus and just be grateful for the amazing little boy we already have!
We invited my parents and sisters to come along, and we all ended up having so much fun. We spent the first and last day of our trip at Newport Beach, and it was a hit. It was definitely the highlight of the trip for Zion, and had we known he was going to love it so much we might have just skipped Disneyland all together. JK! But it really was his favorite part of the trip. He loved playing in the sand and thought the ocean was the greatest thing ever. He wasn't scared at all. He would laugh hysterically every time a wave would come up and knock him down and didn't even cry when they completely submerged him a few times. I was scared to death of his lack of fear, but Zac was right there keeping a hold on him and that made me feel a little better. (picture overload)

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