32 weeks and growing!

e had my 32 week appointment last week.  I can't believe we are down to less than 8 weeks!  I'm still having braxton hicks contractions like crazy.  Every 10 mins or so, but when I'm active they are about 2 minutes a part.  The doc isn't concerned at all because I've been having them this close together for about 3 weeks now, and I haven't gone into labor yet.  What's crazy though, is he said he just wants me to make it 2 more weeks and if I start to go into labor they won't try to stop me.  THAT'S NUTS!  Hopefully that doesn't happen and Zion keeps cooking for at least 6 more weeks.  I want him to be good and healthy and sufficiently cooked before he comes out.  I have to say, pregnancy is still treating me really good.  Sure the heartburn and acid reflux is annoying, but I've learned what I can and can't eat, how much I can eat, and when I can eat, to avoid it.  My back sometimes aches when I'm laying down, and my bladder only holds about an ounce of liquid, so I'm not getting as much quality sleep, and feel a lot more tired by the afternoon.  But other than that, I really have no complaints.  I still, for the most part, feel like a normal human and haven't hit the horrible, miserably uncomfortable, get him out of here, stage yet.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I stay feeling good for a while longer!  Here are a pic of my belly at 32 weeks!


I love the simple things

I absolutely love the simple things in life.  Like good weather and a picnic!  We had so much fun relaxing, listening to the creek, and enjoying a little picnic today.  I love being busy, busy, busy, but it also feels really good to just slow down and enjoy the simple things.


5 years today!!

Today is a very special day!  It marks the 5 year anniversary of mine and Zac's first date.  Thank you so much Cass for setting us up!  Who-da-thunk that this is where we would be 5 years later.  Our first date, we both went into with no expectations.  Zac had been home from his mission for 7 months and was going to school up at the U.  He was convinced that he wouldn't get married for at least 5 more years, and was only interested in a little casual dating.  I had just broken up with a kid I had been dating on and off for almost 5 years and was on the rebound.  When I heard about Zac, he sounded like the perfect guy for the job...  returned missionary, in college, super hot, had a bullet bike... you know, the type of guy to make another guy jealous.  Little did I know, 5 weeks later I would be completely smitten, head over heals in love and engaged to him!  Our first date was on May 25th, 2005.  The day after I graduated from high school.  We went and saw the movie Kicking and Screaming and then went back to his parents house, built a fire and made s'mores.  We talked and talked for hours.  And sometime in the middle of the night, he finally took me home.  A simple hug at the door was all I got.  I was surprised he didn't try to kiss me on the first date, and it instantly made me like and respect him so much.  Enough that, like I said, 5 weeks later we were engaged to be married.  It was the best decision I have ever made, and I can honestly say that I love him more today than ever before.  More than I ever thought I could love somebody.  So thanks again Cass, for helping me find my best friend and the love of my life.

Baby shower

Last Saturday my mom worked really hard and planned the perfect baby shower for me with all of my family.  Everything was so gorgeous!  She had a chocolate fountain with pretzels, cinnamon bears, marshmallows, rice crispy treats, cream puffs, angel food cake and strawberries, and a delicious fruit platter that looked to pretty to eat, along with croissant sandwiches and a yummy lemon drink.  All of the silver wear, napkins, cups and plates were placed perfectly on the table patterned blue, brown, blue, brown.  It honestly looked like she hired a professional to come and cater the event.  And then it happened..... 5 minutes into the shower the chocolate fountain exploded all over the table, floor, wall, food and everything else.  This is a picture of part of the mess as it was getting cleaned up.  My mom felt so bad, but honestly it was perfect.  Baby showers are to prepare the mom for having a baby, and I'm pretty sure that messes and explosions are a part of that.  ;)  As the chocolate hardened it actually looked really cool.  I'm pretty sure there are big time designers who have used splattered chocolate to garnish fancy tables, and gotten paid big money to do it.
Thanks to all of my family that came!  We got stocked up on lots of the baby necessities, which we really appreciate.  I meant to take a picture of the load when I got home, but I was to excited to get it organized and put away that I totally forgot.  It means so much to me and Zac and baby Zion to have family that loves and supports us, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Thanks again mom for throwing me the shower.  It was absolutely perfect!  And thank you Cyd and Heather and Dad for helping mom get everything ready!  I love you all!


30 Weeks

Last week I hit another milestone.... 30 weeks!  I meant to take a picture over the weekend, but I was so busy working on the nursery I totally forgot.  I can't believe we have less than 10 weeks to go.  I had my 30 week appointment last week and everything is going good.  I'm still having a ton of braxton hicks contractions, at least every 10 minutes and sometimes as close together as 2 minutes, but because they aren't very painful the doc isn't worried about them.  He even gave me the green light to keep working as long as I use common sense, have Zac demonstrate the exercises that might be dangerous, keep my heart rate under 150, and rest as much as possible when I'm not working.  I hope that I stay healthy and out of the danger zone so I can work right up to delivery.... I WILL GO NUTS if they make me cut out of work early and stay home.  I don't do so well when I'm sitting around bored!  But getting little Zion here safely is most important, so I will do whatever the doc tells me.  My appointments are now every 2 weeks, which I'm excited about.  I think the next 10 weeks are going to fly by!


P90X yoga... not so good at 7 months prego

The last 24 hours have been a bit traumatic. You see, I have a bit of an ego problem and I hate to admit any weakness. I would say this has been the hardest aspect of pregnancy for me. My body physically can't do some of the things that it used to be able to do, and I get super frustrated about it. For the most part I've been able to keep up with my regular workout routine, but I've had to make some modifications. Anyway, last night Zac was getting ready to do P90X yoga, and I decided I wanted to do it too. I've done a lot of yoga in the past, but since I've been prego I haven't done any. I jumped right into it thinking I would be fine. Zac told me to take it easy and modify poses, but of course I didn't listen. Like I said, I hate to admit weakness. About 15-20 minutes into the workout I felt a huge pull in my belly followed by really sharp pains, so I stopped and decided to lay down. For the rest of the night I was having braxton hicks contractions about every 10 minutes. Little Zion was moving like crazy and I didn't have any spotting or fluid leaking so I decided I would wait until morning to call the doc. I was a stressed basket case all night long and felt super guilty for being so selfish and risking the baby's health. The doc had me come up this morning to get checked. Basically, they scolded me pretty good, and told me to go home, drink tons of water, stay in the bathtub as long as I could, and then stay in bed the rest of the day, and watch for any bleeding, fluid, and monitor Zion's movement and the b.h. contractions. So far things are improving and everything is going to be totally fine, it was just a bit of a scare. I feel bad because Zion hasn't stopped moving for more than 10 mins the last 24 hours. I think I stressed him out. Hopefully he will soon realize everything is OK, his mom is just sometimes really stupid, and get a little bit of rest. And hopefully after taking today to rest, I will be as good as new tomorrow.

On a lighter note.... Zac took me shopping this past weekend to pick out a diaper bag for Mother's Day! I'm so excited! I found the perfect bag that matches the black & grey color scheme of the stroller and car seat and is gender neutral so I can use it with our next baby! I hung it on the back of the stroller and it looked so cute. I can't wait to start using it for the little Z man. And I promise I will be smarter and safer and get the little guy here without any more scares from me being stupid.