new camera & first photos

Our new mother's/ father's day camera arrived last week. We have never owned a DSLR camera or taken a photography class so we have a lot to learn, but we found a "dummies" book that has been really helpful. Both of us want to be able to shoot entirely in manual, so we are studying it thoroughly. Hahah! The lens we bought is taking some getting used to because it's a fixed prime lens ideally designed for portraits, and you have to stand back quite a bit because the minimum focusing distance is 3 feet, but I am in love with the results. I love that this lens allows for a lot of background blur so that the subject pops out nice and crisp. Down the road we will need to invest in a zoom lens with more of a wide angle, but this one works best for what we will be photographing most of the time. Anyway, here are some pictures from our first time playing around with it.

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mother's day

I had the best mother's day! I woke up to Zion wanting to cuddle in my bed at 6:30, but I didn't mind at all. I'll take all the cuddles I can get, because all too soon he will be too cool to cuddle with his momma. Zac made my favorite breakfast... Banana cream crepes with raspberry sauce and a ton of fruit from the cute edible arrangements fruit bouquet he got me.

Sorry for the ugly, no makeup, just rolled out of bed picture, but it's the only one we got before Zion seriously chowed down on all the fruit. My boys also spoiled me with a Nordstrom gift card to by a ton of new makeup and brushes, which they weren't supposed to do because we ordered a new camera and lens that was supposed to count as my mother's day and Zac's father's day gift. Our camera came just a couple days later and we are already having so much fun learning how to use it. Anyway, back to mother's day...We spent the afternoon at my family's house for an amazing BBQ and enjoyed time outside in the sunny weather. Zion had a blast playing in the water!

Later that evening we went to Zac's family's house and spent time relaxing on the back porch and watching all the little rug rats run wild. Zion loves going to grandma and grandpa Price's house and being able to play with his cousins and jump on the tramp.

It was such a perfect day. I am so thankful for being blessed enough to be Zion's mom. He is the light of my life. I never imagined I would love someone so much, and I'm thankful every day he is a part of my life. Being a mommy is the best thing ever! I love you Zion Lee Price!
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stewart falls

Hooray for the start of hiking season. I guess technically our hiking season started a couple months ago when we hiked down in Zion's, but now the snow has melted off of most of our favorite trails and we can hike up here. We enjoyed a beautiful day up Provo canyon doing Stewart Falls with aunt Cyd and her friend Brandi. This has always been one of my favorite trails because it's quick and easy and absolutely gorgeous!

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hogle zoo

We went to the zoo with some of Zion's cousins, their parents and Cyd. The weather was perfect and all the little kids were great. We couldn't have asked for a better day.
Zion leading the way...

Zion & Talan...

Zion & Hudson...

Checking out the elephants...

Seeing how he measures up with daddy...

Zion & Talan loving the monkeys...

With mommy & aunt Cyd...

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hobble creek trail walks

Summer is here and I'm in love. We have been doing tons of Hobble Creek Trail walks in the evenings. It's such a fun way to get out in nature and spend time as a family. Plus it's gorgeous up there!

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tulip festival

The Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point is one of my very favorite spring time traditions.

Spring is my favorite time of year. The blossoms on the trees, the flowers starting to bloom, the baby animals taking their first awkward steps, the smell of rain in the morning, the sunshine pouring in my windows... I love everything about the spring. But what I love most is what it represents to me.


After the dead, dark, lifeless, cold of winter, spring always comes and wraps us in a blanket of beauty. She brings everything back to life and suddenly I feel hopeful.

Hopeful that life is balanced.

That you have to taste the sour in order to enjoy the sweet.

That we experience darkness so we can rejoice in the light.

That even when it isn't easy it will be worth it.

And all of a sudden I feel a little better knowing I have hope on my side.

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