1 Year Pics

Between our crazy schedule this past month and our photographers crazy schedule, Zion's official 1 year pictures won't be taken until next month, so I used my very amateur skills and attempted taking a couple photos for his birthday invite.  I'm excited to get his real ones done next month, but until then, these ones worked.

4th of July Weekend

Over the 4th of July weekend we decided to see how Zion would do camping.  We decided to stay close in case he hated it and we needed to come home, so we just went up to Whiting's.  ZION LOVED IT!  He loved playing in the dirt, was mesmerized by the fire, and took full advantage of all the attention he was getting from my sisters and parents.  I played so hard during the day and slept like a gem at night.  I think many more camping trips will be in our future.  Sadly, my camera battery died so I only got a couple pictures.

After our weekend up the canyon, we went home showered put on our pj's and went over to my parents house for a little firework show.  Zion HATED the fireworks.  He was so adorable and excited while we waited for them to start, but as soon as the first one went off he cried his little eyes out.  It was the saddest thing ever.
 Needless to say... we probably won't be trying fireworks again this year.