Weekly Hikes 3

I'm sad to report that we haven't been very good little hikers the last couple weeks.  We have been so busy at the gym... starting ZUMBA classes, interviewing teachers, hiring a new trainer and then just life stuff... Father's Day weekend, boating, SLC shopping day, cousin's wedding, Park City shopping day, helping grandpa Houtz in the garden...and the list goes on, that we haven't had a whole lot of time to do hike.  We have managed to get in a few walk on the Provo Canyon Trail and a few on the Hobble Creek Trail.  Here are a few pictures of Hobble Creek.

We've also been able to fit in a couple Stewart Falls hikes.  It is seriously one of my favorite hikes.  It's so easy and gorgeous!  The first time we went we saw a mommy and baby moose just off the trail, which was cool but kind of scary.  They are big and mom's are very protective.

And the second time we went we took Cyd and Cody and then went to Happy Sumo after!  YUMMY!  Zion fell asleep in his pack again.  One of the nicest things about hiking is that we never have to schedule it around nap time.  Zion is so chill that if he's tired he'll just sleep in the pack.  It makes summer life so easy!

And just because he's cute when he's covered in chocolate... here are a couple pictures of Zion at my cousin's wedding.  He LOVED smashing and eating the cake!


Last week Zion got to go boating for the first time.  We went out on UT Lake for a few hours with Cyd, Cody and their friend Anna.  Oh my gosh, I have never seen Zion so adorable.  To say he loved it would be an understatement.  We had the music blasting and he just danced around like crazy.  He even liked being in the lake which surprised me because it's still pretty chilly.  I thinks it's about time we invest in a boat of our own.  Thanks for taking us Cody!  Can't wait to go again!

Father's Day

Father's Day weekend was so much fun.  Saturday we went up Provo Canyon to Big Springs Park with my family.  We played kickball and roasted hot dogs and had fun talking.  Zac carried Zion for part of the game.  They kicked a home run and Zion thought it was hilarious running with daddy.

On Sunday we spent the morning at home and then went to my parents to BBQ for lunch and then over to Gary and Leesa's to spend some time later that evening.  I can't say how thankful I am that Zion has such an amazing daddy.  Zac, thank you for being such a great provider for our family.  As you know, we already have more than I ever dreamed of.  Thank you for working so hard but more importantly, thank you for balancing your hard work with tons of play time.  I love that you spend several hours with us every single day hiking, watching movies, playing at the park, going for walks.... the list goes on and on.  Thank you for being the first to jump out of bed at night when Zion cries and needs his binky and the first to jump up and change his diaper when he's stinky.  Thanks for making being a dad a priority.  You really are amazing and I couldn't ask for anything more.  I love you so much and I know Zion does, too!

Art City Days

A couple weeks ago Springville had their annual Art City Days.  Me and Zac aren't big fans of the carnival so we decided to completely avoid that while we can.  I'm sure in a year or two Zion will want to go, but for now, what he doesn't know won't hurt him.  We were actually pretty lame with the festivities this year.  The parade was the only excitement we got in on and I'm so glad we did.  Zion loved it!  I thought for sure he would be scared of the sirens and loud cars, but he was totally fine.


Weekly Hikes 2

(6.8.11) Y Trail... again

(6.10.11) Big Springs

(6.12.11) Big Springs again... it was my mom's Birthday so she, my dad and my sisters joined us!


Weekly Hikes

Since hiking the Y on the 27th... we have been on a roll.  This is the first of many "Weekly Hike" updates to come.  I love that I married somebody that loves to be outdoors as much as me.  We really have so much fun during the summer, not to mention we save a ton of money because we hike and pack picnics almost every day.  Way cheeper than dinner and a movie!  Here's what we've done the past week...

5.29.11  Y Trail... again

6.1.11 Rock Canyon

6.4.11 Maple Mountain (as far as we could until snow covered the trail)

6.5.11 The Grotto