Missing baby Zion

Do you ever have those days when you miss someone so much your heart aches? Days when the mere thought of a person almost brings you to tears because all you want is to hold them in your arms and let them know how much you love them? Days when you would give anything to let them know how important they are in your life, how much they matter, and that you never want to be away from them again? Today is one of those days for me. And it’s how I’m feeling about baby Zion. Yep, that’s the name we’ve decided on, Zion Lee Price. I guess that’s how I know that there really is a heaven and that I’ve known our baby before… because I miss him so much. We’ve spent the last 23 years apart, and I can’t wait to hold him again and smother him with kisses!

As for his name, Zion Lee Price, this is why we picked it. Zion’s National Park has always had a very special place in our hearts. After only 5 weeks of dating, Zac and I went on our first vacation together down to Zion’s for the Houtz family reunion. It was on this trip that we decided to get married. We picked out a date and spent the entire weekend dreaming of our future together. Since then we’ve gone back to Zion’s countless times. With our business we haven’t been able to take many vacations, so Zion’s has helped us keep our sanity. It’s such a quick getaway down and back in a day or two, and we love the biking, hiking, canyoneering, and just relaxing while we enjoy the amazing scenery. It truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But the main reason we’ve chosen the name Zion is because we love the meaning… Heaven on Earth. It’s so simple but it wraps up all of the thoughts, feelings and realizations that bringing a new life into the world has created for us. As for the middle name Lee, it’s Zac’s middle name, and if there is one thing I pray for, it’s that little Zion will be just like his daddy. Zac is the most amazing guy I have ever known and I hope Zion inherits all of his wonderful qualities.


26 weeks and a little St George trip!

Well, we've almost reached the end of the glorious 2nd trimester, so we decided it was time for a little vacation to celebrate. I have to say, at this point, I'm thinking pregnancy is not all that bad. I have felt so good for such a long time, I sometimes forget that I'm pregnant. But I'm quickly reminded when I walk past a mirror and see the reflection of a "star bellied sneetch" from one of Dr. Seuss' books and realize that it is, in fact, me and not a story book character. Of course I have the random aches and pains and weird things going on, but for the most part, I really feel pretty normal. I'm sure in the coming weeks all of this will change. Like I said, I'm still in the "glory" phase of pregnancy. We decided we better take advantage of how good I've been feeling so we headed south for the weekend. Our friends Steve and Karon were nice enough to offer us their home in St George for the weekend. We spent most of the time soaking up the 80-85 degree sun at the pool. As a side note, pregnancy makes you burn a lot easier. Let's just say I'm one fried star bellied sneetch at this point. We went to dinner a couple times and Zac's best friend from high school got married down there, so Saturday we had so much fun hanging out and catching up with old friends. It was nice to be able to relax and take it easy for a few days. It was a much needed getaway and we both fill recharged and ready for the crazyness that lies ahead of us! Here's a picture of my belly at 26 weeks and a couple of Zac relaxing and practicing the guitar. He's just started learning and is having so much fun!


Thumb sucker!

Well, it looks like we have ourselves a little thumb sucker! Today we had another ultrasound. I can't believe how much bigger our little guy has gotten in the last 8 weeks. He weighs 1 lb 9 oz already and is developing perfectly. The Dr just got a new 3D/4D machine and it was amazing to see so much detail during the scan. He was pretty feisty for a while, just kicking and punching all over the place. Then he calmed down a bit, rubbed his eyes and started sucking his thumb. He looks like so much like Zac. He has the same nose and huge lips. I can't wait to see him in real life in 108 days max! Sorry for the terrible picture quality. Once again it's a picture of a picture so it's terribly blurry.